Collection of operational metrics - AWS Streaming Data Solution for Amazon MSK

Collection of operational metrics

This solution includes an option to send anonymous operational metrics to AWS. We use this data to better understand how customers use this solution and related services and products. When enabled, the following information is collected and sent to AWS:

  • Solution ID: The AWS solution identifier

  • Unique ID (UUID): Randomly generated, unique identifier for each AWS Streaming Data solution for Amazon MSK deployment

  • Timestamp: The UTC formatted timestamp of when the event occurred

  • Data:The Region where the stack launched, request type (whether the stack was created, updated, or deleted), and details about the option chosen (for example, shard count, whether enhanced monitoring was enabled, buffering size, etc.). For example:

    {'Pattern': 'MskStandalone', 'Version': 'v1.0.0', 'NumberOfBrokerNodes': '2', 'Region': 'us-east-1', 'BrokerInstanceType': 'kafka.t3.small', 'MonitoringLevel': 'DEFAULT', 'RequestType': 'Create'}

Note that AWS owns the data gathered through this survey. Data collection is subject to the AWS Privacy Policy. To opt out of this feature, modify the AWS CloudFormation template mapping section from:

"AnonymousData": { "SendAnonymousData" : { "Data" : "Yes" } },


"AnonymousData": { "SendAnonymousData" : { "Data" : "No" } },