Appendix A: Create a Custom Account List - AWS Trusted Advisor Explorer

Appendix A: Create a Custom Account List

If you want to run this solution for a limited number of accounts, and if you do not want the solution to obtain a list of active accounts from your AWS Organizations, you can provide a csv input file.

The following is an example CSV file.

AccountId,AccountName,AccountEmail 123456789101,aws-sample-account-dev, 123456789102,aws-sample-account-prod, 123456789103,aws-sample-account-beta, ...

Use the following procedure to upload the CSV file to the Amazon S3 bucket created by the solution:

  1. Create a folder called ManualInput in the solution's Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket.

  2. Upload the csv file to the ManualInput folder.

  3. Navigate to the AWS Lambda console and choose the GetAccountslambda Lambda function.

  4. Update the following environment variables of the GetAccountsLambda Lambda function:


    • OBJECT_NAME : ManualInput/<filename>.csv