Revisions - Centralized Logging with OpenSearch


Date Changes
March 2023 Initial release.
April 2023

Released version 1.0.1

Fixed deployment failure due to S3 ACL changes.

June 2023

Released version 1.0.3

Fixed the EKS Fluent Bit deployment configuration generation issue.

August 2023

Released version 2.0.0

  • Added feature of ingesting log from S3 bucket continuously or on-demand

  • Added log pipeline monitoring dashboard into the solution console

  • Supported one-click enablement of pipeline alarms

  • Added an option to automatically attach required IAM policies when creating an Instance Group

  • Displayed an error message on the console when the installation of log agent fails

  • Updated Application log pipeline creation process by allowing customer to specify a log source

  • Added validations to OpenSearch domain when importing a domain or selecting a domain to create log pipeline

  • Supported installing log agent on AL2023 instances

  • Supported ingesting AWS WAF (associated with CloudFront) sampled logs to OpenSearch in other Regions except us-east-1

  • Allowed the same index name in different OpenSearch domains

September 2023 Released version 2.0.1

Fixed the following issues:

  • Automatically adjust log processor Lambda request's body size based on AOS instance type

  • When you create an application log pipeline and select Nginx as log format, the default sample dashboard option is set to "Yes"

  • Monitoring page cannot show metrics when there is only one dot

  • The time of the data point of the monitoring metrics does not match the time of the abscissa