Step 3: Ingest Amazon CloudTrail Logs - Centralized Logging with OpenSearch

Step 3: Ingest Amazon CloudTrail Logs

You can build a log analytics pipeline to ingest Amazon CloudTrail logs.


Make sure your CloudTrail and Centralized Logging with OpenSearch are in the same AWS Region.

  1. Sign in to the Centralized Logging with OpenSearch Console.

  2. In the navigation pane, select AWS Service Log Analytics Pipelines.

  3. Choose Create a log ingestion.

  4. In the AWS Services section, choose Amazon CloudTrail.

  5. Choose Next.

  6. Under Specify settings, for Trail, select one from the dropdown list.

  7. Choose Next.

  8. In the Specify OpenSearch domain section, select the imported domain for Amazon OpenSearch Service domain.

  9. Choose Yes for Sample dashboard.

  10. Keep default values and choose Next.

  11. Choose Create.