Centralized Logging on AWS
Centralized Logging on AWS

Appendix C: Migrating to the New Version

If you use an earlier version of the centralized logging solution and you want to move to the new version of the solution, you must migrate data from your existing Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) domain to the newly provisioned Amazon ES domain to avoid losing data from your existing domain. Do not update the solution stack. If you update the stack, your Amazon ES domain will be deleted and replaced by a new one, causing you to lose indexed data on your existing domain.

To migrate your data, complete the following task:

  1. Deploy the new version of the primary AWS CloudFormation template in the same account and AWS Region as your current primary stack.

  2. Use a snapshot to migrate the indexed data on your Amazon ES domain.

  3. After the migration is complete, delete the old AWS CloudFormation stack to stop incurring charges.

Note that the new version of the template includes a retention policy for the Amazon ES domain so the domain will not be deleted with future stack updates.