Centralized Logging on AWS
Centralized Logging on AWS

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Appendix E: Collection of Anonymous Data

This solution includes an option to send anonymous usage data to AWS. We use this data to better understand how customers use this solution to improve the services and products that we offer. When enabled, the following information is collected and sent to AWS each time the AWS Lambda function (LogStreamer) is invoked:

  • Solution ID: The AWS solution identifier

  • Unique ID (UUID): Randomly generated, unique identifier for each centralized logging solution deployment

  • Timestamp: Data-collection timestamp

  • Cluster Size: Size of the Amazon Elasticsearch Service cluster the solution will deploy

  • Items Indexed: The number of items indexed successfully

  • Total Item Size: The total size (in bytes) of the items indexed, including failures

Note that AWS will own the data gathered via this survey. Data collection will be subject to the AWS Privacy Policy. To opt out of this feature, modify the AWS CloudFormation template mapping section as follows:

Mappings: InstanceMap: send-data: {"SendAnonymousData": "Yes"},


Mappings: InstanceMap: send-data: {"SendAnonymousData": "No"},