Revisions - Centralized Logging


Date Change
November 2016 Initial release.
February 2018 Added cross-account and cross-region functionality and upgraded Amazon OpenSearch Service version to 6.0.
November 2018 Added Amazon Cognito for Kibana dashboard user authentication, changed custom sizing of the Elasticsearch cluster, and added information on troubleshooting.
December 2019 Added information on support for Node.js update.
December 2020 Updated the solution architecture with Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Data Firehose, and CloudWatch Logs destination; added support for Elasticsearch version 7.7; information added in social identity provider and troubleshooting sections; for more information about changes for v4.0.0, refer to the file in the GitHub repository.
June 2021 Document enhancements, including updates to diagrams and architecture overview section.
September 2021 Updated all instances of Amazon ElasticSearch Service to Amazon OpenSearch Service.
December 2021 Updated Nodejs version to >=12, added support for + in admin email address, added support for multiple deployments, refactored code to improve code-quality score. For more information about changes for v4.0.1, refer to the file in the GitHub repository.