AWS CloudFormation templates - Centralized Logging

AWS CloudFormation templates

This solution uses AWS CloudFormation to automate the deployment of the Centralized Logging solution in the AWS Cloud. It includes the following AWS CloudFormation templates, which you can download before deployment:

          Centralized logging view primary template button
        centralized-logging-primary.template: Use this template to launch the Centralized Logging solution and all associated components. The default configuration deploys an Amazon OpenSearch Service domain. The solution offers three deployment size options based on logging requirements, but you can also customize the template based on your specific needs.

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      centralized-logging-demo.template: Use this template to deploy in your spoke accounts or spoke Regions. This template deploys sample logs you can use for testing purposes. The default configuration deploys an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance with a reference Apache server in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, an Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket, an AWS CloudTrail trail, and Amazon VPC flow logs.