Solution Features - Transit Network VPC (Cisco CSR)

Solution Features

The automated transit VPC solution provides the following features:

  • AWS network connectivity: You can connect any spoke VPCs that you wish—within the same AWS Region, across AWS Regions, and even from additional AWS accounts.

  • Remote network connectivity: You can connect to your own data centers, other colocation providers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), or even other cloud providers.

  • Automated configuration: This solution leverages AWS Lambda to automatically configure VPN connections for the spoke VPCs you want to add to the transit network. Note that manual configuration of the CSR instances is required to connect remote networks directly to the transit VPC.

  • Additional functionality: You can customize this solution to provide additional network features:

    • IDS/IPS, Next-Generation Firewall

    • NAT to bridge overlapping networks

    • NAT to access VPC-E, EFS, or internal Amazon Route 53