AWS CloudFormation Templates - Transit Network VPC (Cisco CSR)

AWS CloudFormation Templates

This solution uses AWS CloudFormation to bootstrap AWS infrastructure and automate the deployment of a transit VPC on the AWS Cloud. It includes the following CloudFormation templates, which you can download before deployment:

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        transit-vpc-primary-account.template: Use this template to launch the transit VPC and all associated components, as described in the previous section. The default configuration offers four deployment size options based on common network bandwidth requirements, but you can also customize the template based on your specific network needs.

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        transit-vpc-primary-account-existing-vpc.template: Use this template to use an existing VPC as the transit VPC. It launches two CSR instances into your existing VPC and configures all other solution components. For detailed requirements and parameters, see Appendix B.

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        transit-vpc-second-account.template: Use this template to connect a second AWS account to the transit network. It launches the VGW Poller Lambda function, which automatically searches and sets up VPN connections for appropriately tagged spoke VPCs from that account. The Automated Deployment section contains instructions for adding one other AWS account. Note that manual configuration steps are required to add further AWS accounts to the network. See Appendix C for detailed instructions.