Testing - Transit Network VPC (Cisco CSR)


This solution includes additional AWS CloudFormation templates that you can use to test the transit network in your AWS account.

Transit VPC Test with Tsunami UDP

The transit-vpc-spoke-vpc-withec2-tsunamiudp AWS CloudFormation template creates the transit VPC, automatically installs the server-side Tsunami UDP protocol, and downloads two test files from an Amazon S3 bucket. Use the following steps to test your transit network with this template.

  1. Identify the spoke VPCs you want to use for the test and tag them as follows:

    • Tag name: transitvpc:spoke

    • Tag value: true


    To quickly create a VPC with an Amazon EC2 instance, use the transit-vpc-spoke-vpc-withec2 AWS CloudFormation template (see the next section).

  2. Click the button below to launch the transit-vpc-spoke-vpc-withec2-tsunamiudp AWS CloudFormation template.

                                Transit VPC test launch button

    You can also download the template.

  3. Use the default settings. When the stack build completes, you will have a new transit VPC with a preinstalled Tsunami server and two test files.

  4. To test connectivity in your new transit network, we recommend pinging (or using Tsunami UDP to transfer data) between EC2 instances (with appropriate security group configurations) in two spoke VPCs.

  5. Go to the Tsunami UDP Usage file and follow the instructions in 1. Very Quick Guide. This walks you through a simple test using the GET command from client to server.