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This AWS Solutions Construct implements an Amazon API Gateway REST API connected to an Amazon SageMaker endpoint.

Here is a minimal deployable pattern definition in TypeScript:

import { ApiGatewayToSageMakerEndpoint, ApiGatewayToSageMakerEndpointProps } from '@aws-solutions-constructs/aws-apigateway-sagemakerendpoint'; // Below is an example VTL (Velocity Template Language) mapping template for mapping the Api GET request to the Sagemaker POST request const requestTemplate = `{ "instances": [ #set( $user_id = $input.params("user_id") ) #set( $items = $input.params("items") ) #foreach( $item in $items.split(",") ) {"in0": [$user_id], "in1": [$item]}#if( $foreach.hasNext ),#end $esc.newline #end ] }`; // Replace 'my-endpoint' with your Sagemaker Inference Endpoint new ApiGatewayToSageMakerEndpoint(this, 'test-apigw-sagemakerendpoint', { endpointName: 'my-endpoint', resourcePath: '{user_id}', requestMappingTemplate: requestTemplate });


new ApiGatewayToSageMakerEndpoint(scope: Construct, id: string, props: ApiGatewayToSageMakerEndpointProps);


Pattern Construct Props

Name Type Description
apiGatewayProps? api.RestApiProps Optional user-provided props to override the default props for the API Gateway REST API.
apiGatewayExecutionRole? iam.Role IAM Role used by API Gateway to invoke the SageMaker endpoint. If not specified, a default role is created with access to endpointName.
endpointName string Name of the deployed SageMaker inference endpoint.
resourceName? string Optional resource name where the GET method will be available.
resourcePath string Resource path for the GET method. The variable defined here can be referenced in requestMappingTemplate.
requestMappingTemplate string Mapping template to convert GET requests received on the REST API to POST requests expected by the SageMaker endpoint.
responseMappingTemplate? string Optional mapping template to convert responses received from the SageMaker endpoint.
logGroupProps? logs.LogGroupProps Optional user-provided props to override the default props for the CloudWatch Logs log group.

Pattern Properties

Name Type Description
apiGateway api.LambdaRestApi Returns an instance of the API Gateway REST API created by the pattern.
apiGatewayRole iam.Role Returns an instance of the IAM role created by the pattern for the API Gateway REST API.
apiGatewayCloudWatchRole iam.Role Returns an instance of the IAM role created by the pattern that enables access logging from the API Gateway REST API to CloudWatch.
apiGatewayLogGroup logs.LogGroup Returns an instance of the log group created by the pattern that API Gateway REST API access logs are sent to.

Sample API Usage

Note: Each SageMaker endpoint is unique, and the response from the API will depend on the deployed model. The example given below assumes the sample from this blog post. For a reference on how that'd be implemented, please refer to integ.apigateway-sagemakerendpoint-overwrite.ts.

Method Request Path Query String SageMaker Action Description
GET /321 items=101,131,162 sagemaker:InvokeEndpoint Retrieves the predictions for a specific user and items.

Default settings

Out-of-the-box implementation of this pattern without any overrides will set the following defaults:

Amazon API Gateway

  • Deploy an edge-optimized API endpoint

  • Enable CloudWatch logging for API Gateway

  • Configure least privilege access IAM role for API Gateway

  • Set the default authorizationType for all API methods to IAM

  • Enable X-Ray tracing

  • Validate request parameters before passing data to SageMaker



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