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Some of our early constructs don’t meet the naming standards that evolved for the library. We are releasing completely feature compatible versions with corrected names. The underlying implementation code is the same regardless of whether you deploy the construct using the old or new name. We will support both names for all 1.x releases, but in 2.x we will only publish the correctly named constructs.

Note: This construct has been deprecated and is superseded by the aws-dynamodbstreams-lambda construct.

Note: To ensure proper functionality, the AWS Solutions Constructs packages and AWS CDK packages in your project must be the same version.

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This AWS Solutions Construct implements a pattern Amazon DynamoDB table with stream to invoke the AWS Lambda function with the least privileged permissions.

Here is a minimal deployable pattern definition:

import { DynamoDBStreamToLambdaProps, DynamoDBStreamToLambda} from '@aws-solutions-constructs/aws-dynamodb-stream-lambda'; new DynamoDBStreamToLambda(this, 'test-dynamodb-stream-lambda', { lambdaFunctionProps: { runtime: lambda.Runtime.NODEJS_14_X, // This assumes a handler function in lib/lambda/index.js code: lambda.Code.fromAsset(`${__dirname}/lambda`), handler: 'index.handler' }, });


new DynamoDBStreamToLambda(scope: Construct, id: string, props: DynamoDBStreamToLambdaProps);


Pattern Construct Props

Name Type Description
existingLambdaObj? lambda.Function Existing instance of Lambda Function object, providing both this and lambdaFunctionProps will cause an error.
lambdaFunctionProps? lambda.FunctionProps Optional user-provided properties to override the default properties for the Lambda function. Ignored if an existingLambdaObj is provided.
dynamoTableProps? dynamodb.TableProps Optional user provided props to override the default props for DynamoDB Table
existingTableInterface? dynamodb.ITable Existing instance of DynamoDB table object or interface, providing both this and dynamoTableProps will cause an error.
dynamoEventSourceProps? aws-lambda-event-sources.DynamoEventSourceProps Optional user provided props to override the default props for DynamoDB Event Source

Pattern Properties

Name Type Description
dynamoTableInterface dynamodb.ITable Returns an instance of dynamodb.ITable created by the construct.
dynamoTable? dynamodb.Table Returns an instance of dynamodb.Table created by the construct. IMPORTANT: If existingTableInterface was provided in Pattern Construct Props, this property will be undefined.
lambdaFunction lambda.Function Returns an instance of the Lambda function created by the pattern.

Lambda function

This pattern requires a Lambda function that can post data into the Elasticsearch service from the DynamoDB stream. A sample function is provided here.

Default settings

Out-of-the-box implementation of this pattern without any overrides will set the following defaults:

Amazon DynamoDB Table

  • Set the billing mode for DynamoDB Table to On-Demand (Pay per request)

  • Enable server-side encryption for DynamoDB Table using AWS managed KMS Key

  • Creates a partition key called 'id' for DynamoDB Table

  • Retain the Table when deleting the CloudFormation stack

  • Enable continuous backups and point-in-time recovery

AWS Lambda Function

  • Configure limited privilege access IAM role for Lambda function

  • Enable reusing connections with Keep-Alive for NodeJs Lambda function

  • Enable X-Ray tracing

  • Enable Failure-Handling features: enable bisect on function Error; set default Maximum Record Age (24 hours); set default Maximum Retry Attempts (500); and deploy SQS dead-letter queue as destination on failure

  • Set environment variables:

    • AWS_NODEJS_CONNECTION_REUSE_ENABLED (for Node 10.x and higher functions)



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