Document Revisions - AWS Solutions Constructs

Document Revisions

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Change Description Date

Content updated

Updated multiple patterns to highlight default enforcement of encryption in transit.

August 4, 2020

Content updated

Added aws-lambda-sqs-lambda pattern; improved configuration instructions in Getting Started guide; updated all patterns to make additional resources available through public properties.

July 27, 2020

Content updated

Added aws-lambda-sqs pattern; other minor updates.

July 20, 2020

Content updated

Removed deployLambda and deployBucket properties from relevant patterns; other minor updates.

July 9, 2020

Content updated

Added aws-lambda-step-function pattern and corrected minor typographical errors.

July 7, 2020

Content updated

Added existingTableObj? property to select DynamoDB patterns.

June 25, 2020

Content updated

Several text corrections and fixes for broken links.

June 23, 2020

Initial release

AWS Solutions Constructs made publicly available.

June 22, 2020