Create user for the application - Content Localization on AWS

Create user for the application

If more than one person needs access to the web application, the solution administrator can set up additional users in Amazon Cognito.

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Cognito console.

  2. Choose Manage User Pools.

  3. In the Your User Pools page, select the name of the user pool containing the prefix MI.

  4. On the MieUserPool page, from the left navigation pane, choose Users and Groups.

  5. On the Users tab, choose Create user.

  6. In the Create user dialog box:

    1. Enter a username.

    2. Enter a temporary password. Verify the options to send an invitation to the user and the verifications for phone number and email are not selected.

    3. Choose Create user.

  7. On the MieUserPool page, under the Username column, select the user you just created.

    Amazon Cognito user pools page.

    Amazon Cognito user pools page

  8. On the Users page, choose Add to group.

  9. In the Add user dialog box, access the drop-down list and select MieDevelopersGroup.

Amazon Cognito Add user to group dialog box.

Amazon Cognito Add user to group dialog box

The user can now access the web application, upload media files, and run the analysis workflows.