Deploy the solution - Content Localization on AWS

Deploy the solution

This solution uses AWS CloudFormation templates and stacks to automate its deployment. The CloudFormation template specifies the AWS resources included in this solution and their properties. The CloudFormation stack provisions the resources that are described in the template.


If you don’t want to use the latest version of Media Insights on AWS or have a customized Media Insights on AWS instance that you would like to use with this solution, go to the GitHub and download the deployment/content-localization-on-aws-use-existing-mie-stack.yaml template. This automated deployment uses the deployment/content-localization-on-aws.yaml template, which deploys the latest version of Media Insights on AWS.

Deployment process overview

Follow the step-by-step instructions in this section to configure and deploy the solution into your account.

Time to deploy: Approximately 20 minutes

Before you launch the solution, review the Cost, Architecture, Security, and other considerations discussed earlier in this guide.


This solution includes an option to send anonymized operational metrics to AWS. We use this data to better understand how customers use this solution and related services and products. AWS owns the data gathered though this survey. Data collection is subject to the AWS Privacy Notice.

To opt out of this feature, download the template, modify the AWS CloudFormation mapping section, and then use the AWS CloudFormation console to upload your updated template and deploy the solution. For more information, see the Anonymized data collection section of this guide.