Features and benefits - Content Localization on AWS

Features and benefits

The Content Localization on AWS solution provides the following features:

Use a simple web interface

Upload and analyze videos, and work with automatically generated subtitles using a simple web-based user interface.

Leverage AWS AI services

Automatically extract valuable metadata from video files using Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Comprehend.

Automate manual processes, but control the final result

You can review subtitles and make corrections within the application. Once you are satisfied with the subtitles, rerun the workflow using the corrected input to regenerate downstream results.

Customize AWS AI services to produce more accurate results

Use the application to generate Amazon Transcribe custom vocabularies and Amazon Translate custom terminologies using the corrections you make to the subtitles. Provide these customizations when you upload a video and configure the automated workflow.

Leverage Media Insights on AWS

Media Insights on AWS is a framework that makes it easier for developers to build serverless applications that process video, images, audio, and text with AI and multimedia services on AWS.

Integration with AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry and AWS Systems Manager Application Manager

This solution includes a Service Catalog AppRegistry resource to register the solution’s CloudFormation template and its underlying resources as an application in both AWS AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry and AWS Systems Manager Application Manager. With this integration, you can centrally manage the solution’s resources.