Use corrections to target language subtitles to create an Amazon Translate terminology - Content Localization on AWS

Use corrections to target language subtitles to create an Amazon Translate terminology

You can use the corrections you make while editing target-language subtitles to generate an Amazon Translate terminology that you can use in future workflows to customize the Amazon Translate results for your content.

  1. After making edits in the Subtitles tab for your content, choose Save Terminology at the bottom of the page.

  2. (Optional) To add to an existing terminology, use the radio button to select it before editing. You can combine existing terminologies by selecting multiple radio buttons. This populates the vocabulary table in the form with the content of the existing terminologies plus any edits you made to the subtitles.

  3. The form presents you with a table that is pre-populated with corrections you have made to the subtitles for the asset. You can further modify the rows in the table by selecting a cell and entering new values. Add and delete rows using the (+) and (-) buttons at the end of each row. Add and delete languages in the form using the Add Language and Remove Language buttons.

  4. The terminology table contains columns for the source language and for each target language specified in the workflow. Any target-language edits for a phrase will be filled in in the table. You must fill in all of the cells for other languages you want to include in the terminology or remove the language from the table.

  5. Enter the name you want to use for this terminology. If you use the name of an existing terminology, it will be replaced with the contents from this form.

  6. Choose Save.

Content Localization on AWS web application Custom Terminology Editor dialog box.

Custom Terminology Editor dialog box