View source-language subtitles - Content Localization on AWS

View source-language subtitles

The default workflow for this application includes automatically generated WebVTT and SRT subtitles from the Amazon Transcribe output. This part of the workflow can’t be deactivated. Subtitles can be edited interactively in the application and saved to invoke reprocessing of downstream operators in the workflow using the updated subtitles as input.

To view subtitles in the application:

  1. Run a workflow on a video to create an asset.

  2. Choose Collection.

  3. Locate the media file you want to analyze and under the Actions column, choose Analyze.

  4. From the Speech Recognition tab, review the subtitles in the Subtitles tab for your content.

    When you select a subtitle, the video advances to the location of the subtitle.

View subtitles in the Content Localization on AWS web application.

View subtitles

To download WebVTT and SRT subtitles, choose Download Subtitles and select the format you want to download.