Cost Optimization Monitor
Cost Optimization Monitor

Solution Features

The automated Cost Optimization Monitor solution provides the following features:

  • High Availability: Amazon ES is a managed service that automatically replicates and distributes your multi-node Elasticsearch cluster across different Availability Zones. This solution uses Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing to maintain availability of the proxy server, which manages all client requests to the Amazon ES endpoint.

  • Custom Sizing: Choose from three preset Amazon ES cluster sizes to support your anticipated report data:

    • Small:

      • 3 dedicated master nodes; t2.small.elasticsearch instance type

      • 2 data nodes; m3.medium.elasticsearch instance type

    • Medium:

      • 3 dedicated master nodes; t2.small.elasticsearch instance type

      • 4 data nodes; m3.large.elasticsearch instance type

    • Large:

      • 3 dedicated master nodes; m3.medium.elasticsearch instance type

      • 8 data nodes; m3.xlarge.elasticsearch instance type

  • Security: This solution uses an Nginx proxy server to restrict access to the Kibana dashboard. It also creates a security group that gives you fine-grained control over access to that proxy server.

  • Scalability: Modify your cluster’s instance count and type directly in Amazon ES to accommodate your changing environment and requirements, without having to reconfigure the solution architecture or manage backend resources. Auto Scaling is enabled on the Amazon EC2 instance to help ensure you meet future demand.

  • Custom Reporting: Take advantage of Kibana features to create, save, and share custom visualizations and customer views. This solution includes a configuration file to get you started with some popular dashboard views.