Monitoring the solution with AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry - Cost Optimizer for Amazon WorkSpaces

Monitoring the solution with AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry

The Cost Optimizer for Workspaces solution includes a Service Catalog AppRegistry resource to register the CloudFormation template and underlying resources as an application in both AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry and AWS Systems Manager Application Manager.

AWS Systems Manager Explorer Application Manager gives you an application-level view into this solution and its resources so that you can:

  • Monitor its resources, costs for the deployed resources across stacks and AWS accounts, and logs associated with this solution from a central location.

  • View operations data for the resources of this solution in the context of an application. For example, deployment status, CloudWatch alarms, resource configurations, and operational issues.

The following figure depicts an example of the application view for the Cost Optimizer for WorkSpaces stack in Application Manager.

      Screenshot depicting the Application Manager

You must activate CloudWatch Application Insights, AWS Cost Explorer, and cost allocation tags associated with this solution. They are not activated by default.