Use cases - Cost Optimizer for Amazon WorkSpaces

Use cases

Device management

As workforces increasingly become virtual, companies must grapple with device security, warranties, and delivery. By establishing thorough device management and policies, companies can spend fewer resources tracking devices or handling security breaches. Device management solutions help you secure your workforce’s devices and provide options to meet different cybersecurity assurance levels. These solutions offer cost savings by reducing the number of devices needed, making management more efficient, extending the life of existing devices, and facilitating a bring-your-own-device policy.

Cloud financial management

Establishing visibility and usage analysis through spend dashboards, spend limits, chargebacks, anomaly detection and response, allows customers to identify opportunities to optimize expenses for cloud services. Customers can allocate current costs, plan and forecast future spend with the cloud financial management capability. This enables customers to track, notify, and apply cost optimization techniques across their environment.

Virtual desktop delivery

Whether in a workplace or classroom setting, desktop users need to be able to access their desktops and associated applications without delay. However, IT resource constraints and quality controls often slow down desktop delivery. Virtual desktop delivery solutions allow for faster and easier desktop-based application delivery. With these solutions, you can secure applications, build resiliency, and quickly scale to meet user demands—resulting in quantifiable savings and better data governance.