Cross-Region Replication Monitor
Reference Implementation

Implementation Considerations

Regional Deployments

Customers can deploy the CRR Monitor in any AWS Region that supports AWS Lambda and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. (For the most current service availability by region, see AWS service offerings by region.) The solution uses a Firehose delivery stream as a part of an optional solution feature to archive data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). You can choose to disable this feature (due to regional availability or other reasons) during initial configuration of the AWS CloudFormation template. If you disable data archiving, you can use the Amazon S3 inventory feature to get a daily or weekly replication status for your objects, but it will not include detailed metadata from this solution, such as CRR rate, elapsed time, etc.

Once deployed, the CRR Monitor applies the appropiate configuration for monitoring the replicated Amazon S3 buckets across all AWS Regions in a single account. For more information, see the cross-region replication in the Amazon S3 Developer Guide.


This solution will run multiple concurrent instances of the AWS Lambda CRRMonitor function, based on workload, up to a default maximum of 20 per minute. Each instance can process 1,800 S3 PUT records in its five-minute maximum run time. This allows CRR Monitor to achieve scale within predictable and controllable bounds to limit impact on other Lambda workloads in your account.

The solution provisions Amazon DynamoDB throughput capacity to support the maximum read and write requests from the default limit (20) of Lambda functions. If you plan to monitor a large number of objects and anticipate a high number of concurrent requests, consider increasing both the Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB settings in this solution.