Supported AWS Regions - Data Transfer from Amazon S3 Glacier Vaults to Amazon S3

Supported AWS Regions

This solution uses AWS services that are not currently available in all AWS Regions. For the most current availability of AWS services by Region, see the AWS Regional Services List.


This solution launches in the US East (Ohio) Region by default. To launch the solution in a different AWS Region, use the Region selector in the console navigation bar. See Step 1: Launch the stack for more information.

This solution is NOT supported in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.

Region name
US East (N. Virginia) Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
US East (Ohio) Canada (Central)

US West (N. California)

Europe (Frankfurt)
US West (Oregon) Europe (Ireland)
Africa (Cape Town) Europe (London)
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Europe (Milan)
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Europe (Paris)
Asia Pacific (Osaka) Europe (Stockholm)
Asia Pacific (Seoul) Middle East (Bahrain)
Asia Pacific (Singapore) South America (São Paulo)
Asia Pacific (Sydney)