Revisions - Data Transfer Hub


Date Change
December 2021 Initial release
July 2022

Released version 2.2

Supported transfer data through Direct Connect

March 2023

Released version 2.3

  • Supported embedded dashboard and logs

  • Supported S3 Access Key Rotation

  • Enhanced One Time Transfer Task monitoring

April 2023

Released version 2.4

Supported payer request Amazon S3 object transfer

September 2023

Released version 2.5

  • Enhanced Amazon S3 large file transfer performance by utilizing the cluster’s parallel capabilities

  • Enabled untagged ECR image transfer

  • Optimized stop task operation, and added new filter conditions to view all history tasks

January 2024

Released version 2.6

  • Added support for Amazon S3 destintation bucket being encrypted with Amazon S3 managed keys

  • Provided the optional Amazon S3 bucket to hold prefix list file

  • Added the feature of deleting KMS Key automatically after the solution pipeline status turns to stopped

  • Added the feature of Finder Instance enabling DTH-CLI automatically after external reboot

  • Increased Finder capacity to 316GB&512GB

  • Added three supported Regions: Asia Pacific (Melbourne), Canada (Calgary), Israel (Tel Aviv)