Deployment Pipeline for Go Applications
Deployment Pipeline for Go Applications

Appendix A: Staging and Production Environments

In addition to the code deployment pipeline, this solution launches the following highly available architecture for each environment (staging and production).

      Deployment Pipeline for Go Applications solution staging and production environments

Figure 2: Deployment Pipeline for Go Applications infrastructure architecture

Each environment includes a Multi-AZ Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) network topology with two public and two private subnets. Two Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances are deployed in the private subnets, and access the internet through NAT gateways in the public subnets. An Application Load Balancer integrates with Auto Scaling to help ensure you have capacity to meet varying levels of traffic automatically.

The first time you launch the Deployment Pipeline for Go Applications, the solution will create the staging and production environments from scratch. On future runs, the solution will automatically apply any updates to those environments through an AWS CloudFormation stack update.