Appendix C: Configuring additional Amazon Pinpoint projects - Digital User Engagement Events Database

Appendix C: Configuring additional Amazon Pinpoint projects

This solution configures a single Amazon Pinpoint project’s event stream to route events into the events database. You can use the following procedure to configure additional Amazon Pinpoint projects.

  1. Navigate to the AWS CloudFormation console.

  2. On the Stacks page, choose the stack created for this solution.

  3. On the stack details page, choose the Outputs tab and, under the Key column, locate PinpointEventStreamFirehoseName and PinpointEventStreamFirehoseRoleName. These keys identify the Kinesis Data Firehose and Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) role names used below.

  4. Navigate to the Amazon Pinpoint console.

  5. In the All projects section, select your project.

  6. In the navigation pane, select Settings, Event Stream.

  7. Select Edit (on the upper-right corner of the Services card).

  8. If the event stream is not already configured, check the box for Stream to Amazon Kinesis.

  9. Choose Send events to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose stream and select the PinpointEventStreamFirehoseName name from the dropdown.

  10. Choose Use an existing role and select the PinpointEventStreamFirehoseRoleName name from the dropdown.

  11. Choose Save.