Prerequisites - Discovering Hot Topics using Machine Learning


  1. For a successful implementation, you must create an account and add an App through the Twitter developer portal. This solution requires a bearer token for Twitter API authorization, which can be found under the Keys and tokens tab on the Twitter dashboard inside the App page. The Name of the Parameter Store in AWS Systems Manager must match the value of the CredentialPath AWS CloudFormation parameter. The bearer token string must be stored in the Parameter Store as a SecureString Type in the same account and Region where the solution is deployed. For more information about creating the bearer token and updating the Parameter Store, refer to Retrieve a bearer token for Twitter API authentication.

  2. If you plan to use the Amazon QuickSight dashboard feature, you must subscribe to Amazon QuickSight Enterprise in the account where you deploy the solution. Use of Amazon QuickSight to derive insights with this solution is optional. You can use any other analytics tool to query data using Amazon Athena and AWS Glue services.