Update the stack - Discovering Hot Topics using Machine Learning

Update the stack

If you previously deployed the solution, complete the following steps to update your AWS CloudFormation stack to the current version.

  1. Sign in to the AWS CloudFormation console, select your existing CloudFormation stack.

    The solution’s inferences are stored in the <old-stackname>-infoutput-<uuid> bucket. The data in this bucket will be copied to a new location.

  2. Delete the existing CloudFormation stack. Do not delete the S3 buckets. (Buckets created by an older version of this solution are configured with Deletion Policy as ‘Retain’ by default. Hence deleting the existing stack will not delete the buckets).

  3. After the existing stack has been deleted successfully, deploy the new version of the stack.

  4. After the new stack is successfully deployed, using either the AWS CLI or the AWS Management Console, copy the data inside the <old-stackname>-infoutput-<uuid> bucket to <new-stackname>-infoutput-<uuid>.

  5. From the Amazon Athena console, run MSCK REPAIR TABLE <table name> to fix the partitions. For more information refer to How can I resolve the HIVE_METASTORE_ERROR when I query a table in Amazon Athena?