Overview - Distributed Load Testing on AWS


Many Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers want to accelerate time to release by minimizing application bugs and the time required for testing in a continuous integration and delivery development model.

Software test automation tools enable you to simplify testing and reduce time to release by automating functional tests for your applications. But, some testing automation tools can require you to provision additional infrastructure to run tests, and can be difficult and costly to set up.

To help make it easier for customers to automate application testing, AWS offers Distributed Load Testing on AWS. Distributed Load Testing is a solution that leverages AWS Fargate to run containers to easily create and simulate thousands of connected users generating a select number of transactions per second without having to provision servers. With this solution, you can understand how your application will perform at scale and at load, and identify bottlenecks before you release your application.


You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services used while running this solution. The total cost for running this solution depends on the number of load tests run, the duration of those load tests, and the amount of data used as a part of the tests. At the date of publication, the cost for running this solution with default settings in the US East (N. Virginia) Region is approximately $9.12 per month. The cost estimate assumes the following factors:

  • 10 AWS Fargate tasks running for 30 hours

  • 1,000 Amazon DynamoDB write capacity units using the On-Demand capacity mode

  • 1,000 DynamoDB read capacity units using the On-Demand capacity mode

  • 1,000 AWS Lambda function requests

  • 10 minutes duration running AWS Lambda functions

  • 1,000 AWS Step Functions state transitions

Prices are subject to change. For full details, see the pricing webpage for each AWS service you will be using in this solution.