EBS Snapshot Scheduler on AWS
EBS Snapshot Scheduler on AWS

Design Considerations

Real-Time Snapshots

The EBS Snapshot Scheduler takes snapshots in real time while the volume is attached to an Amazon EC2 instance and in use. Note that snapshots only capture data that has been written to your Amazon EBS volume, which might exclude any data that has been locally cached by your application or OS. We do not recommend using this solution to back up instances that require you to pause write files or unmount a volume to ensure a consistent and recoverable snapshot.

Weekly Functionality

The current version of the EBS Snapshot Scheduler allows customers to create weekly schedules. For example, you can set it to take snapshots on specific days of the week or all days, however the current version does not support biweekly or monthly intervals. If you want to temporarily stop or modify EBS Snapshot Scheduler actions for a particular week or month, you must manually modify or remove resource tags on applicable Amazon EC2 instances.

Time Zone Functionality

EBS Snapshot Scheduler allows customers to select a time zone for their snapshot schedules. When you specify a snapshot time and time zone, all snapshots are taken at that time in that time zone, regardless of the local time of the tagged instance. For example, if you set this solution to take snapshots at 8:00 PM ET, snapshots of tagged instances in the US West (Oregon) Region will be taken at 5:00 PM local time. If you want to take snapshots in the local time zone of the tagged instance, you must manually apply custom parameters to the instance, or group of instances. For more information, see Step 2. Tag Your Amazon EC2 Instances.

Regional Deployments

Customers can deploy the EBS Snapshot Scheduler in any AWS Region that supports AWS Lambda. For the most current AWS Lambda availability by region, see AWS service offerings by region. Once deployed, the EBS Snapshot Scheduler applies the appropriate snapshot actions to tagged Amazon EC2 instances in all AWS Regions of a customer’s account.


EBS Snapshot Scheduler actions will affect appropriately tagged instances in all AWS Regions of your account, even though the Lambda function is running in a single region. At the time of publication, this does not include AWS GovCloud (US) or the China (Beijing) Region.