AWS services in this solution - Edit in the Cloud on AWS

AWS services in this solution

AWS service Description
AWS EC2 Core. It provides the G4dn instance for Windows Server 2019 with Teradici Cloud Access Software or NICE DCV and NVIDIA T4 GPU drivers for running your Non-Linear Editor (NLE) software of choice.
Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Core. It provides the file system to access digital media assets via the Amazon EC2 instance through your editor of choice. FSx for Windows File Server will auto-mount the network share upon startup of the Windows Amazon EC2 instance. FSx for Windows File Server is used for storing your media assets to be used by your NLE.
AWS Directory Service Core. It provides managed active directory for user authentication.
Amazon S3 Optional. It provides an optional S3 bucket for additional media file storage.
NICE DCV Optional. It provides the remote display protocol to configure on the EC2 instance for remote access. The NICE DCV client runs on your desktop or laptop and gives access to the EC2 G4dn instance.