EFS-to-EFS Backup Solution
EFS-to-EFS Backup Solution

Appendix A: Amazon EC2 Instance Size

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides a wide selection of instance types and sizes optimized to fit different use cases, giving you the flexibility to choose the appropriate instance type for your workload.

By default, the EFS-to-EFS backup solution uses the m3.medium Amazon EC2 instance type, but you can choose a different instance type depending on how you want the solution’s file system to consume burst credits. For example, a customer with on-going production reads to their source Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file system might choose a smaller instance type for the solution to save burst credits for the production load.

To help you choose an instance, the following table shows performance test results.

Instance Type File System Size Backup Time Write Throughput
c4.large 2.9TiB 12 hrs 70MiB/s
r4.large 2.9TiB 8 hrs 55 mins 95MiB/s
r4.xlarge 2.9TiB 6 hrs 30 mins 130MiB/s

We recommend that you use a rigorous performance testing and optimization process to choose an instance type that optimizes the consumption of burst credits.