Accessing the FHIR API - FHIR Works on AWS

Accessing the FHIR API

FHIR API support

FHIR Works on AWS provides these FHIR capabilities:

  • CRUD operations for all R4 base FHIR resources

  • Basic search per resource type

  • Versioned reads (vread)

  • Ability to get and post binary resources

  • Ability to post a transaction bundle of 25 entries or less

For details about the FHIR API, refer to the HL7 FHIR page.

There are several ways of accessing the FHIR API. REST syntax and Postman are two common ways.

Use REST syntax to make API Requests

Access the FHIR API using REST syntax as defined by FHIR by running the following command:

curl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Authorization:<Cognito-access-token>" -H "x-api-key:<API-key>" <API URL>

Replace <Cognito-access-token> with an unexpired ID token from Amazon Cognito. For details, refer to Generate a Cognito ID token.

Replace <API-key> with the API Key for the FHIR API. For details, refer to Obtain the API Gateway API Key.

Replace <API URL> with the ServiceEndpoint output parameter from CloudFormation.