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The Resource Scheduler is a similar to Instance Scheduler on AWS, but its implementation differs in the following ways:

Instance Scheduler on AWS uses a Lambda function to frequently evaluate the schedules stored in its configuration and checks if the instances are in the desired state. The Resource scheduler quicksetup uses start and stop times to perform start and stop actions using SSM runbooks. This occurs one time when the current time is equal to the start time or the current time is past the start time.

Instance Scheduler on AWS currently enables scheduling for EC2, RDS, and Aurora Clusters. Resource scheduler only schedules or starts and stops EC2 instances.

Use Resource scheduler to identify EC2 instances and start/stop them at specific times.

Use Instance Scheduler on AWS when the accounts have to regulary scanned to start/stop instances.

The table identifies which solution is better based on scenarios.

Scenario Resource Scheduler Instance Scheduler on AWS
Schedule Amazon Neptune instances No Yes
Schedule Amazon DocumentDB instances No Yes
Schedule Auto Scaling group instances No Yes
Schedule EC2 instances Yes Yes
Schedule RDS instances No Yes
Schedule Aurora Clusters No Yes
Manage Schedules in a Single Account (hub account) No Yes
Manage Schedules in individual accounts Yes No
Change Calendar Integration Yes No
Start and Stop actions only Yes No
Monitor instances periodically and start and stop based on instance current state No Yes