Amazon CloudWatch Metrics - AWS Instance Scheduler

Amazon CloudWatch Metrics

This solution creates a new custom Amazon CloudWatch metric (<stackname>:InstanceScheduler). Each time the AWS Lambda function runs, it updates the metric data for each applicable instance and then applies the appropriate start or stop action. This data includes the name of the schedule, the number of instances associated with that schedule, and the number of running instances.

View Instance Scheduler Metrics

  1. In the AWS Management Console, open the Amazon CloudWatch console.

  2. In the Custom Namespaces drop-down field, choose <stackname>:InstanceScheduler.

            Metric Dropdown
  3. Select the schedule and service dimensions.

            Select Instance
  4. Select the schedule and service that you want to view the status of.

            Select Schedule

At the bottom of the page, an individual graph will appear for each instance you selected, as shown in the following example. Note that a value of 0 is a stopped instance and a value of 1.00 is a running instance.

        Metric Graph