Revisions - AWS Instance Scheduler


Date Change
February 2018 Initial release
July 2018 Added clarification on begintime and endtime; added an example schedule configuration
October 2018 Added information on encrypted Amazon EBS volumes; added clarification on stack name length and Amazon RDS tag restrictions
June 2019 Added information on hibernating Amazon EC2 instances, scheduling RDS instances that are part of an Amazon Aurora cluster, new scheduler CLI arguments, SSM maintenance windows, Parameter Store integration, and clarification on schedules with adjacent running periods
October 2019 Added information regarding the AWS Regions where AWS Instance Scheduler has been validated
March 2020 Bug fixes
June 2020 Clarified time zone information for period rule start and stop times. For information about changes for v1.3.2, refer to the file in the Github repository
September 2020 AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) conversion and documentation enhancements. For more information about changes for v1.3.3, refer to the file in the Github repository
October 2020 Updated the template in Appendix D and updated the documentation for the Hibernate Field.