AWS Elemental Link input configuration - Live Streaming on AWS with Amazon S3

AWS Elemental Link input configuration

This solution includes support for the AWS Elemental Link device as a source for live streaming content. AWS Elemental Link offers a configuration-free, cost-efficient way to securely and reliably transfer video to AWS Elemental MediaLive. For more details on the device, refer to the AWS Elemental Link product page.

To configure this solution to use an AWS Elemental Link device you need the following:

  • A Link device powered on and connected to the internet.

  • The Link device ID. To find the device ID, sign in to the AWS MediaLive console and navigate to MediaLive Devices in the AWS Region where your device is registered. The device is listed with the Link device ID.

  • Launch the solution in the same Region as the Link device with the following parameters:

    • Source Input Type: INPUT_DEVICE

    • AWS Elemental Link Input Device ID: The ID of the Link device from the AWS Elemental MediaLive console. You can only attach a Link device to one input at a time. If the Link device is already attached to an input, you cannot create a new input using that device.

    • Encoding Profile: Select the profile that best matches your source resolution.

    • Start MediaLive Channel: If your device is ready to stream, select true. Otherwise, select false—you can start the MediaLive channel through the AWS MediaLive console when you’re ready to stream.


For a full list of input types and configuration details, refer to the Creating an input topic in the AWS Elemental MediaLive User Guide.

            AWS Elemental Link input configuration

Figure 2: AWS Elemental Link input configuration