Live Streaming with AWS
Live Streaming with AWS Elemental Cloud

Design Considerations

Regional Deployment

This live streaming solution includes two AWS CloudFormation templates for deployment. The primary solution template (live-streaming.template) uses AWS Lambda, which is currently available in specific AWS Regions only. For the best performance, we recommend deploying the AWS resources and the AWS Elemental Cloud resources in the same AWS Region. To use the primary template, you must launch this solution in an AWS Region where Lambda and AWS Elemental Cloud are available. For the most current service availability by region, see AWS service offerings by region.

The secondary solution template (live-streaming-ec2.template) uses a Python script to configure the AWS Elemental Cloud resources for encoding and packaging. It does not use Lambda. Use this template to deploy this live streaming solution in an AWS Region where Lambda is not available.


AWS Lambda is used to delete the AWS Elemental Cloud configuration, which includes the AWS Elemental Live events and the AWS Elemental Delta input and output filters, when you finish streaming. If you use the secondary solution template, you must manually delete the AWS Elemental Live and AWS Elemental Delta configuration.

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