Appendix A: File Paths in Amazon S3 - Media2Cloud

Appendix A: File Paths in Amazon S3

The Media2Cloud solution creates three different Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets to store the assets that are created:

  • A web bucket that stores the static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for the web interface

  • An ingest bucket that stores your original source files

  • A proxy bucket that stores all the files and assets generated by the solution including:

    • Video proxies and thumbnail images generated by AWS Elemental MediaConvert

    • Mediainfo XML output generated by mediainfo and/or EXIF

    • JSON documents generated by exiftool

    • Machine learning metadata generated by AWS Machines Learning services

    • Additional WebVTT tracks and analysis JSON documents created by the solution

The following table shows the file types and Amazon S3 file paths.

File Type File path
Web static assets S3://<web-bucket>/
Uploaded file S3://<ingest-bucket>/<file-basename>/<filename>
Technical metadata such as mediainfo and EXIF results S3://<proxy-bucket>/<uuid>/<filename>/mediainfo


Proxy files, thumbnails generated by MediaConvert S3://<proxy-bucket>/<uuid>/<filename>/transcoded
All AI/ML analysis results S3://<proxy-bucket>/<uuid>/<filename>/analysis
Raw AI/ML analysis results from Amazon AI services S3://<proxy-bucket>/<uuid>/<filename>/analysis/raw/<date-time>/comprehend/



WebVtt tracks generated by analysis state machine S3://<proxy-bucket>/<uuid>/<filename>/analysis/vtt/celeb/<name>.vtt



Metadata JSON documents generated by analysis state machine S3://<proxy-bucket>/<uuid>/<filename>/analysis/vtt/celeb/<name>.vtt