Ingest Workflow - Media2Cloud

Ingest Workflow

The ingest workflow includes AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda, which orchestrate the ingest workflow and start AWS Elemental MediaConvert to create standardized proxy files and thumbnails of the uploaded videos and images for analysis. If the media content is in Amazon S3 Glacier or S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage, the workflow automatically restores the media content from archive storage to Amazon S3 storage. Proxy files are created and stored in a proxy Amazon S3 bucket. Media information such as bitrate, formats, audio channels container format, the asset unique identifier, and MD5 checksum are processed via AWS Lambda and stored in Amazon DynamoDB. Technical metadata extracted from videos or images are indexed in an Amazon Elasticsearch cluster. When video processing is completed, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) sends notifications to subscribed users who may use the notification to start other workflows. For example, third party partner solutions such as Media Asset Manager (MAM) and Archive System can subscribe to the Amazon SNS topic and then integrated the derived information into their workflows. When an ingest Amazon SNS notification is received, the automated system can import the files into its system. For more information, see Appendix G.

          Media2Cloud ingest workflow

Figure 2: Media2Cloud ingest workflow