Appendix A: Disabling cfn-nag and cfn-lint - Multi-Region Infrastructure Deployment

Appendix A: Disabling cfn-nag and cfn-lint

This solution runs cfn-nag and cfn-lint to scan the AWS CloudFormation template that is to be deployed. If errors are found, the release is stopped. For information about cfn-nag, see the cfn_nag GitHub repository. For information about cfn-lint, see the cfn-python-lint GitHub repository.

You have the option to disable cfn-nag and cfn-lint while deploying new changes to AWS CloudFormation stacks by using the following procedure.

  1. Sign in to the AWS CodeBuild console.

  2. On the Build projects page, select CfnLintBuildProject-<hash> or CfnNagBuildProject-<hash>.

  3. Choose Edit and then choose Environment.

  4. Expand Additional configuration and change the RUNNING_CFN_LINT or RUNNING_CFN_NAG value to No.

  5. Choose Update environment.