Architecture Overview - Predictive User Engagement

Architecture Overview

Deploying this solution builds the following environment in the AWS Cloud.

        Predictive User Engagement  solution - architectural overview

Figure 1: Predictive User Engagement architecture on AWS

The AWS CloudFormation template deploys an AWS Lambda function that ingests user activity data from an application. The function sends that data to Amazon Personalize, which runs a machine learning (ML) model on the data to identify patterns. Amazon Personalize generates a personalized ranking of recommended items for each user ID.

The Lambda function retrieves the personalized rankings and sends them to Amazon Pinpoint, which uses these recommendations to automatically update endpoints that belong to your segments based on how the personalized ranking matches your segment filters. For example, if a customer who you were sending messaging on product A now shows a preference for product B based on recent activity, this solution will automatically update the customer endpoint to move the endpoint from the segment that receives product A messaging to the segment that receives product B messaging.

You can also set campaigns to send personalized, timely, and relevant messages to the segments this solution updates. You can choose to send messages immediately, in the future, or you can create a recurring campaign that sends messages at set intervals. For more information, see Amazon Pinpoint Campaigns.

This solution includes a sample dataset of personalized car searches that is used to train the solution's machine learning (ML) model. The solution also includes a demo that shows how to use ML to make product recommendations and automatically update your endpoints and segments. You can build upon this architecture for a variety of use cases.