Step 2. Populate the chatbot with your questions and answers - QnABot on AWS

Step 2. Populate the chatbot with your questions and answers

You must create or upload question and answer data through the content designer before sharing the QnABot on AWS with your end users. Your data is stored in Amazon OpenSearch Service, which allows the data to be crawled when end users ask questions using either an Amazon Lex client UI or an Amazon Alexa hands-free device.

Use the following procedure to get started with customizing your chatbot using the solution’s sample questions. You can edit the sample questions to customize the data to meet your needs.

  1. From the AWS CloudFormation console, launch the content designer user interface by selecting the ContentDesignerURL link from the Outputs tab of the master CloudFormation stack.

  2. Enter the administrator username you provided when you launched the stack and your new password.

    Figure 4: QnABot on AWS content designer web user interface — QUESTIONS tab

  3. Choose Add.

  4. Enter the id: AWS QnABot.001


    Use a naming convention to identify your items within categories.

  5. Enter the question: What is Q and A Bot

  6. Enter the answer: The Q and A Bot uses Amazon Lex and Alexa to provide a natural language interface for your FAQ knowledge base, so your users can just ask a question and get a quick and relevant answer.

  7. Select CREATE.

  8. Repeat steps 3-7, entering the items from Table 1: Sample QandA data below.

    • Alternatively, you can import the items directly from a file. Select Import from the top left tools menu ( ☰ ), then choose Examples/Extensions, find the package called blog-samples, and choose LOAD.

  9. When the import is complete, choose Edit from the top left tools menu ( ), and then choose LEX REBUILD from the top right edit card menu ( ⋮ ).

Table 1: Sample QandA data

Id Question Answer
AWS QnABot.002 How do I use Q and A bot Create and administer your questions and answers using the Q and A Bot Content Designer UI. End users ask questions using the Amazon Lex web UI that supports voice or chat, or using Alexa devices for hands free voice interaction.
Admin.001 How do I modify Q and A Bot content Use the Content Designer Question and Test tools to find your existing documents and edit them directly in the console. You can also export existing documents as a JSON file, make changes to the file, and re-import.
Admin.002 Can I back up Q and A Bot content Yes. Use the Content Designer to export your content as a JSON file. Maintain this file in your version control system or in an S3 bucket. Use the Designer UI Import feature to restore content from the JSON file.
Admin.003 Can I import Q and A Bot content from a file Yes, the Content Designer has an import function that lets you load items from a formatted JSON file. You can create JSON files using the Export feature, or you can write your own tools to create JSON files from existing content such as a website FAQ page.
Admin.004 How do I troubleshoot and fix problems with Q and A Bot. Use the Content Designer test tool to test a question, and check what items are returned, ranked in order of score. If the desired item does not have the highest score, then add the question to the item and run the test again. The desired item should now have the highest score. Ensure that you aren’t creating items with duplicate questions to avoid unpredictable responses.
Admin.005 How can I find specific Q and A items in the Designer UI Use the Filter feature in the Questions tab to filter the items list based on the ID field. Or use the Test tab to list all the items that match a question.
Media.001 How can I include pictures in Q and A Bot answers Add an image attachment to the item using the Content Designer.