Create a custom question and answer chatbot - QnABot on AWS

Create a custom question and answer chatbot

Publication date: September 2021 (last update: September 2022)

QnABot on AWS is a multi-channel, multi-language conversational interface (chatbot) that responds to your customer’s questions, answers, and feedback. The solution’s content management environment, and contact center integration wizard allow you to set up and customize an environment that provides the following benefits:

  • Enhance your customer’s experience by providing personalized tutorials and question and answer support with intelligent multi-part interaction

  • Reduce call center wait times by automating customer support workflows

  • Implement the latest machine learning technology to create engaging, human-like interactions for chatbots

This guide provides detailed instructions to perform these tasks:

This implementation guide describes architectural considerations and configuration steps for deploying the QnABot on AWS solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. It includes links to an AWS CloudFormation template that launches and configures the AWS services required to deploy this solution using AWS best practices for security and availability.

The guide is intended for IT architects, developers, DevOps, data analysts, and marketing technology professionals who have practical experience architecting in the AWS Cloud.