Step 2. Stop a Running Application - Real-Time Analytics with Spark Streaming

Step 2. Stop a Running Application

The solution is designed to work with only one Spark Streaming application at a time. If you want to change applications, you must first stop the running application and then deploy the solution again with a new application.


To view the EMR Resource Manager web interface, you must enable the EMR web interfaces. For more information, see EMR Web Interfaces.

  1. On the Amazon EMR console, select the cluster name.

  2. On the EMR cluster details page, for Connections, choose Resource Manager.

  3. On the resource manager, select the application ID.

  4. On the application details page, select Kill Application.

  5. Select OK.


    Another option to stop a running application is to use the YARN command line (this approach does not require port forwarding). You must SSH into the Master node (via bastion) and run the following command: sudo yarn application -kill <application-ID>.