Security - Real-Time Insights on AWS Account Activity


When you build systems on AWS infrastructure, security responsibilities are shared between you and AWS. This shared model can reduce your operational burden as AWS operates, manages, and controls the components from the host operating system and virtualization layer down to the physical security of the facilities in which the services operate. For more information about security on AWS, visit the AWS Security Center.

AWS CloudTrail

By default, AWS CloudTrail log files are encrypted using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Server-Side Encryption (SSE) and placed into your Amazon S3 bucket. You can control access to log files by applying AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Amazon S3 bucket policies. You can add an additional layer of protection against deleted CloudTrail log data by enabling Amazon S3 Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Delete on the CloudTrail Amazon S3 bucket.

Amazon CloudFront

This solution deploys a static website hosted in an Amazon S3 bucket. To help reduce latency and improve security, this solution includes an Amazon CloudFront distribution with an origin access identity, which is a special CloudFront user that helps restrict access to the solution’s website bucket contents. For more information, see Restricting Access to Amazon S3 Content by Using an Origin Access Identity.