Appendix B: FeedConfig GraphQL type - Real-Time Live Sports Updates Using AWS AppSync

Appendix B: FeedConfig GraphQL type

This solution includes an option to set various levels of configurations for third-party data feeds and sports data providers. These configurations are initiated by setting the FeedConfig field type for one or more game event types including Sports, Competition, Season, Stage, and Game.

This section describes the FeedConfig GraphQL type, its attributes, and how the FeedConfig works across the solution.

type FeedConfig @aws_iam @aws_api_key { providerId: String feedId: String url: String type: String operation: String providerkey: String }

The providerId and feedId fields identify the sport data providers and a particular sports feed for mapping in the configuration. The URL field contains the link to the poll that gets data from the provider. For example, if you use the same provider ( that is used in this solution’s Game Simulation stack, the URL for the Game type, FeedConfig field is:<GAME_ID>/timeline.json?api_key=<API_KEY>

This solution provides three additional fields to expand the configuration options: type, operation, and providerkey. For example, you can define the HTTP method or provide a specific operations-related API key).

A business logic is implemented in the GameSchedulerFunction AWS Lambda function to enable you to set up the FeedConfig field at different levels at the same time. This business logic sets the necessary configurations for each game managed by the AWS Step Function workflow for ingestion polling. This business logic uses override concepts to achieve the proper configurations, based on the following priority order: (1) Game, (2) Stage, (3) Season, (4) Competition, and (5) Sport. For example, a FeedConfig setting in a Game entry will override a FeedConfig setting in a Stage entry.