Deleting Service Catalog resources - Research Service Workbench on AWS

Deleting Service Catalog resources

Delete portfolio

Before you can delete a portfolio, you must remove all its products, constraints, and shares:

  1. Open a portfolio to display Portfolio details. 

  2. Note the Product name (e.g. sagemakerNotebook) and its Product ID as it’s going to be needed to delete the product. 

  3. Choose the tab to remove them.

    You can then proceed to delete the portfolio:

  4. Go to the Amazon Service Catalog console.

  5. In the navigation, choose Portfolios.

  6. Select the portfolio <stack-name>.

  7. Choose Actions.

  8. Choose Delete.

  9. In the confirmation window, choose Delete.

Since the portfolio created by this solution has associated products, constraints and shared accounts, we recommend using the console instead of AWS CLI to delete it.

Delete product

To delete a product using the Service Catalog console:

  1. Go to the Amazon Service Catalog console.

  2. Navigate to the Product list.

  3. Choose the product removed from previous portfolio.

  4. Choose Actions.

  5. Select Delete product.

  6. Enter delete to confirm, then choose Delete.

To delete the Service Catalog product using AWS CLI, run the following command using the id value from the previous step’s Product ID:

aws servicecatalog delete-product --id <value>