Default users - Scalable Analytics Using Apache Druid on AWS

Default users

The solution uses Druid's authentication and authorization module for user authentication, with basic authentication enabled by default.

During the initial deployment, it creates default users admin and druid_system, both with full permissions. The admin user is intended for your use, while the druid_system user is specifically reserved for internal system communication and operations.

Upon deployment, the solution generates the following secrets in AWS Secrets Manager to securely store the credentials for the admin and druid_system users.

Secret Description Secret Example
Administrator user credentials for Druid cluster <cluster name>
{ "password": "<password>", "username": "admin" }
Internal system user credentials for Druid cluster <cluster name>
{ "password": "<password>", "username": "druid_system" }

Modifying the password in AWS Secrets Manager will not automatically change the user's password. To update a user's password, you must change the password using the Druid API and then update the password manually in AWS Secrets Manager.